Carbon Steel Precision Investment Castings

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The lower the carbon content of Carbon Steel Precision Investment Castings, the higher the melting point, the lower the casting performance, the lower the fluidity, and the greater the probability of cracking. Less than 0.2% carbon is precision cast low carbon steel, carbon containing 0.2%-0.5% is precision cast medium carbon steel, and carbon containing more than 0.5% is precision cast high carbon steel. By analogy, the cost of casting increases with the increase in carbon content.



Investment  Casting,  lost  wax  casting,  precision  casting,  Silicon  sol  casting,


Stainless  Steel,  Carbon  Steel,  Aluminum,  brass,  iron,  ductile  iron

Material  Grade

GB,  ASTM  ,  AISI  ,  DIN  ,  BS,


0.01  kg~70kg


Class  CT4~CT6

Surface  Roughness

Up  To  Ra1.6~Ra6.3

Applied  Software

proe,  catia,  ug,  solidworks,  cad,  pdf,  etc

Production  Capacity

More  Than  100T  Per  Month

Heat  Treatment

Anneal,  Quenching,  Normalizing,  Carburizing,  Polishing,  Plating,  Painting,  etc

Machining  Equipment

CNC  Center  ,  CNC  Machines,  Turning  Machines,  Drilling  Machines  ,  Milling  Machines,  Grinding  Machines,  etc

Since the temperature of the shell is about 800 ° C or more when pouring, the temperature of the molten steel is about 1600 ° C or higher. At this time, the temperature of the contact with Carbon Steel Precision Investment Castings is extremely high. The metal does not solidify when it is pressed, especially thick-walled parts. At the time, the oxygen in the atmosphere easily reacts with the outer surface of the shell and the metal to form an oxide, and collects the inclusions in the molten steel to form a pitting. Therefore, when the large part is poured, the wood chips (or charcoal) are taken into the heat preservation. After the module is poured, it will immediately participate in the waste wax block cover insulation, which is an important measure to avoid pitting.