Alloy Steel Precision Investment Castings

Alloy Steel Precision Investment Castings
Product Details

Product Description:

Casting Process

Investment  Casting,  lost  wax  casting,  precision  casting,  Silicon  sol  casting,

Processing MethodsDie making & wax pattern, Assembly of wax pattern, Dipping the assembly into Silica Sol slurry, Sand-spraying & shell built,etc.

Casting Material

Stainless  Steel,  Carbon  Steel,  Aluminum,  brass,  iron,  ductile  iron

Casting Standard


Casting Weight


Casting Tolerance

Class  CT4-CT6

Surface  Roughness

Up  To  Ra1.6um-Ra6.3um

Surface PreparationPolishing, Sand Blasting, Passivating, Plating, Galvanized, Spray-Paint, etc.

Applied  Software

proe,  catia,  ug,  solidworks,  cad,  pdf,  etc

Production  Capacity

More  Than  100T  Per  Month

Heat  Treatment

Anneal,  Quenching,  Normalizing,  Carburizing,  Polishing,  Plating,  Painting,  etc

Machining  Equipment

CNC  Center  ,  CNC  Machines,  Turning  Machines,  Drilling  Machines  ,  Milling  Machines,  Grinding  Machines,  etc

Measuring  Tool

CMM  ,  Projector,  Vernier  Caliper,  Depth  Caliper,  Micrometer,  Pin  Gauge,  Thread  Gauge  ,  Height  Gauge,  etc

Inspection EquipmentMetallographic analyzes, Universal Strength Tester, Hardness Tester, Impact Test Machine, Pressure Testing Machine, X-Ray Test,etc.
Dimension InspectionCalipers, Height Gauge, Micrometer Calipers, Angle and R Gauge, Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM).
NOTEAs per your PDF, CAD, Solid work, Proe drawing or samples


  • Auto components

  • Industrial Machineries

  • Pharmaceutical Machinery

  • Agricultural equips.

  • Fire fighting equips.

  • Textile & Sewing Machines

  • Printing Machineries

  • Transportation equipments 

  • Food Processing Machineries, etc..

Our Advantages:

  • Extensive experience in creating complex casting components with flexible design schemes

  • Precision and accuracy 

  • Offering steel casting components with excellent surface finish

  • Increasing productivity by eliminating cumbersome machine operations

  • Offering appreciable casting solution in your budget

  • Offering wide range of metal selection according to your requirements