Investment Casting Stainless Steel Process

Investment Casting Stainless Steel Process
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The investment casting precision casting process refers to a model made of wax, which is coated with a layer of refractory material such as clay, heated to melt and flow the wax, thereby obtaining an empty shell formed of refractory material, and then melting the metal and pouring it into the empty shell. After the metal is cooled, the refractory material is crushed to obtain a metal mold. The process of processing the metal is called precision casting, which is also called investment casting or lost wax casting.

Mainly casting line including: investment casting, precision casting, lost foam casting, lost wax casting. Good at producing material like: stainless steel, steel, steel alloy.

Product Details

Material: steel, stainless steel, carbon steel

Technology: precision casting, investment casting, silica sol casting

Surface treatment: sand blast, polishing, painting, 

Machining: grinding, tapping

In order to ensure the quality of the orders, our independent members to carry out strict inspection at each stage:

(1) Incoming material inspection

(2) Inspection of work-in-progress

(3) Finished product inspection 

(4) Random warehouse inspections