brass investment casting

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Like other casting process designs, the design tasks of the investment casting process are: a. According to the specific requirements, analyze the processability of the casting structure; b. Plan a reasonable process plan, determine the relevant casting process parameters, and draw the casting drawings on this basis. ; c. Design the pouring system to determine the module structure, except for the specific data, due to the slightly different process characteristics of the investment casting, the design principle is exactly the same as the sand casting.



Investment  Casting,  lost  wax  casting,  precision  casting,  Silicon  sol  casting,


brass,  iron,  ductile  iron

Material  Grade

GB,  ASTM  ,  AISI  ,  DIN  ,  BS, 


0.01  kg~70kg


Class  CT4~CT9

Surface  Roughness

Up  To  Ra1.6~Ra6.3

Applied  Software

proe,  catia,  ug,  solidworks,  cad,  pdf,  etc

Production  Capacity

More  Than  100T  Per  Month

Heat  Treatment

Anneal,  Quenching,  Normalizing,  Carburizing,  Polishing,  Plating,  Painting,  etc

Machining  Equipment

CNC  Center  ,  CNC  Machines,  Turning  Machines,  Drilling  Machines  ,  Milling  Machines,  Grinding  Machines,  etc

Measuring  Tool

CMM  ,  Projector,  Vernier  Caliper,  Depth  Caliper,  Micrometer,  Pin  Gauge,  Thread  Gauge  ,  Height  Gauge,  etc

QC  System

100%  Inspection  Before  Shipment


100%  Report  with  shipment


Air  or  Sea

Folding investment assembly

The assembly of the investment mold is a combination of the investment mold forming the casting and the investment mold forming the pouring riser system. There are two main methods:

1. Welding method A flaky soldering iron is used to melt the joint of the investment mold to weld the welding mold together. This method is more common.

2. Mechanical assembly method In the mass production of small investment castings, the mechanical assembly method combination module has been widely used abroad. The use of such a module can greatly improve the module combination and efficiency, and the working conditions are also improved.