Stainless Steel Investment Casting Jet Pump Impeller

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Over 70% of all metal casting are manufacturered by sand casting process. Because sand casting is relatively cheaper compared to the other methods and it is the most traditional casting method. 

Industrial jet pumps, also known as jet pumps and injectors. A pump that delivers fluid using the action of a high pressure working fluid. It consists of a nozzle, a mixing chamber, an enlarged tube, and the like. For smooth operation, a vacuum chamber (also called a suction chamber) is provided at the throat; in order to allow the two fluids to mix sufficiently, there is a mixing chamber behind the vacuum chamber. In operation, the working fluid is ejected from the nozzle at a very high speed, forming a low pressure in the vacuum chamber, drawing the liquid to be sucked into the vacuum chamber, and then entering the mixing chamber. In the mixing chamber, the high-energy working fluid and the low-energy transported liquid are fully mixed, so that the energy exchanges with each other, and the speed is also gradually uniform. From the throat into the diffusion chamber, the speed is slowed down, and the static pressure is raised to achieve the purpose of transporting the liquid.


NameStainless Steel Investment Casting Jet Pump Impeller


Stainless  Steel,  Steel,  Ductile  Iron,  Grey  Iron,  Aluminum,  Bronze,  Copper,  Brass,  and  customized  material  from  clients.

Material  Grade

ASTM,  DIN,  GB,  BS,  JIS,  AISI,  NF,  etc


Investment  casting


0.01kg-  70kg


CT  4-6  grade,  and  based  on  the  custom  drawings

Drawing  (files)  format

Igs,  Stp,  X-T  PDF,  Jepg,  Jpg

Capabilities  of  Production

Aluminum:  More  than  80  Mt  per  month.

Stainless  Steel:  More  than  200  Mt  per  month.

Surface  Treatment

Anodize/Zinc  Plating/  Nickel  Plating,  Tinting/  Polishing/Blacking,  etc


Depends  on  the  items

Heat  Treatment

Quenching,  Normalizing,  Annealing,  Plating,Carburizing

Measuring  Tools

Gauge,  Thread  gauge,  Height  Gauge,  Vernier  caliper,  Depth  caliper,  Micrometer,  CMM,  etc

QC  System

Fully  inspection  before  Delivery

Available  Service

OEM  &  ISO or Customized


Few  Samples  are  acceptable



Product Dispaly:



Automotive, Agricultural Machines, vessels, Tooling, Mining, Oil and gas industry, Locomotive industry, Aerospace, Hardware, Construction, Engineering Machine, Electrical Equipment, etc.

Our advantages:

  • Globally acceptable quality 

  • Competitive price

  • Professional team

  • Dimension checking report and material testing report can be offered