Lost Wax Precision Casting Parts

Lost Wax Precision Casting Parts
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Lost wax casting is also called as investment casting and is one of the oldest technique carried out to obtain precision casting.Today lost wax casting is widely used in each and every sector of casting so as to reduce machining cost and obtain fine surface finish.

Investment casting is also called lost wax casting, including waxing, waxing, grouping, dipping, melting wax, casting molten metal and post-treatment. Lost wax casting is a wax mold in which a part is to be cast with wax, and then the wax mold is coated with mud, which is a mud mold. After the mud mold is dried, the internal wax mold is melted by placing it in hot water. The mud mold from which the wax mold has been melted is taken out and baked into a ceramic mold. Once roasted. In the general clay mold, the pouring port is left, and the molten metal is poured from the pouring port. After cooling, the required parts are prepared.


  • Construction machinery, 

  • Material handling & transportation machinery

  • Metallurgical equipment, environment protection equipment

  • Marine machinery and etc..