Lost Wax Precision Casting Parts

Lost Wax Precision Casting Parts
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Mold material

The performance of the molding material should not only ensure the convenient production of a coating with precise dimensions and high surface finish, good strength and light weight, but also create conditions for the manufacture of the shell and the obtaining of good castings. The molding material is generally formulated with a wax, a natural resin, and a plastic (synthetic resin). The molding materials mainly prepared with wax materials are called wax-based molding materials, and their melting points are relatively low, 60~70 °C; the molding materials mainly prepared with natural resin are called resin-based molding materials, and the melting point is slightly higher, about 70 ~120 °C.

Investment mold manufacturing

In the production, most of the pressure is used to press the paste molding into the molding method to manufacture the investment mold. Prior to pressing the investment, a thin layer of release agent is applied to the profiled surface to remove the investment from the profile. When the wax-based molding material is pressed, the parting agent may be motor oil, turpentine oil or the like; when the resin-based molding material is pressed, a mixture of sesame oil and alcohol or silicone oil is commonly used as a parting agent. The thinner the release layer, the better the melt can replicate the surface of the profile and improve the surface finish of the investment. There are three methods for pressing the investment mold, the plunger pressurization method, the air pressure method, and the piston press method.



Ductile iron,Iron,stainless Steel,Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Aluminum, brass, or on request of customer


precision casting process and machining.

3.Weight range:



As per the customer's drawings and requirements


painting,polishing, galvanization etc and as per customers" requirement

6.Heat Treatment:

Annealing, normalizing ,quenching+tempering,solution treatment and as per customer's requirement.


Factory in-house self check or Third Party inspection




By sea, air or express according to customers' requirement