Zinc Alloy Die-cast Alloys

Zinc Alloy Die-cast Alloys
Product Details

1. Small details make big difference.We promise:All the parts from our company have no

sharp edge.Holes and screw holes are chamfered for convenient assembly(Under no

indication).Every product will be carefully packed to prevent the bump and rust in transit.

2. The craftsmanship of all parts we machined is controlled rigorously,Every product has its

own process card and process chart.

3. Our quality inspection procedure is quite strict.It must be self-inspected during production,

we have flow inspectors and professional inspectors.

4. Each size of product must be tested over and over again after completing production and

generate a quality report.

5. Not only we have the world of high-end DMG five-axis linkage machining center,the five-

axis linkage turning compound double spindle machining center,compound turning machine,

but also we have more than 30 sets of processing machines from Japanese and Taiwanese

brands.Our testing equipments are imported from Japanese brand Mitutoyo,such as high-end

automatic three coordinate measuring machine,the two coordinate measuring machine,high

quality height gauge and roughness measurement etc.