Cast Iron Ductile

Product Details


1. Greater design flexibility

This design has the greatest freedom of choice for the shape and size of the casting, especially the complex shape and hollow portion, and the steel casting can be made from the unique process of the core casting. Easy to shape and easy to change shape and can quickly produce finished products according to drawings, which can provide quick response and shorten delivery time.

2. The strongest flexibility and variability in metallurgical manufacturing

You can choose different chemical compositions and organizational structures to meet the needs of different projects. Different heat treatment processes can select mechanical properties and can use this property over a wide range and improve weldability and workability.

3. Improve overall structural strength

Thanks to the high reliability of the project, coupled with weight reduction design and short lead times, the competitive advantage can be increased in terms of price and economy.

4. Wide range of weight changes

Small steel castings may only have 10 grams, while large steel castings can reach several tons, dozens or even hundreds of tons.



Ductile iron,Iron,stainless Steel,Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Aluminum, brass, or on request of customer


Investment casting process and machining.

3.Weight range:



As per the customer's drawings and requirements


painting,polishing, galvanization etc and as per customers" requirement

6.Heat Treatment:

Annealing, normalizing ,quenching+tempering,solution treatment and as per customer's requirement.


Factory in-house self check or Third Party inspection




By sea, air or express according to customers' requirement