Copper Bronze Brass Sand Casting

Copper Bronze Brass Sand Casting
Product Details

We have different technology with different type of sand kind and parts shape. The largest casting we can cast is 15 tons. The material includes high strength, cast iron, ductile iron, and cast steel. And our main products are casting for machine tools, generating equipments, compressor parts, combustions, engines, hand wares, pumps and so on. 

We are professional one-stop customized mechnical parts and service provider.We have the word-class foundry equipment and technology processing.

We can bespoke manufacture of drawing,samples mapping,raw material processing and design manufacture according to your originality.

We are factory direct best price.So our price list will be quoted within 24 hours after we get your inquiry with detailed informations (such as drawings, material,technology specification,surface treatment,quantity, special requirements and etc)After you confirmed the quotation for pattern cost,raw casting cost,machining cost and coating cost.We will send to you the sample for you inspection approval.

We could confidential of the quality of delivered parts and compensate 100% on defective parts.

According to your reqiuirement that only one piece can customized for you.