Metal Aluminum Casting Permanent Mold

Metal Aluminum Casting Permanent Mold
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Permanent molding is commonly used to mass produce small, simple metal disks with uniform wall thickness. Non-ferrous metals are commonly used in the process, such as aluminum alloys, magnesium alloys and copper alloys. However, iron and steel can also be cast using graphite molds. Common permanent mold parts include gear and gear tube fittings, as well as other automotive and aircraft components such as pistons, impellers and wheels.


1. Material: Zinc alloy,Brass,Aluminum,Stainless steel,Copper and so on.

2. Size: According to customer's drawing or sample

3. Process: Die casting--burring--polish—surface process(according to customer’s demand)

4. Appliance: always used to laptop

5. Long time life

6. Delivery time: the product mould is about 15-20 days and finished product is about 30 days

7. Professional after-sale service

8. Smooth surface, burr-free

9. Precision fabrication process


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