Stainless Steel sand casting parts

Product Details


Stainless Steel sand casting parts use a high profile of the cavity surface finish, so the surface finish of the investment mold is also relatively high. In addition, the shell is made of a refractory paint made of a special binder with high temperature resistance and a refractory material, and is coated on the investment mold, and the inner surface of the cavity which is in direct contact with the molten metal has a high surface finish. Therefore, the surface finish of the investment casting is higher than that of the general casting, and generally reaches Ra.1.6~3.2μm.



Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Aluminum, brass, iron, ductile iron

Material Grade



1 kg~500kg


Class CT6~CT9

Applied Software

proe, catia, ug, solidworks, cad, pdf, etc

Production Capacity

More Than 100T Per Month

Heat Treatment

Anneal,Quenching,Normalizing,Carburizing,Polishing,Plating, Painting,etc

Machining Equipment

CNC Center , CNC Machines, Turning Machines,Drilling Machines , Milling Machines, Grinding Machines,etc

Measuring Tool

CMM , Projector, Vernier Caliper, Depth Caliper, Micrometer,Pin Gauge, Thread Gauge , Height Gauge,etc

If the equipment is not completely cleaned before use, or during the casting process of stainless steel castings, the molten sand will wash the sand of the sprue wall due to the high temperature of the casting, and there will be problems with sand and blisters. Reduced the quality of Stainless Steel sand casting parts.

After continuous research, it is found that the use of special casting paint for the inner wall cleaning and protection can greatly reduce the problem of sand and blisters, and also has a great effect on improving the yield of Stainless Steel sand casting parts.