Investment casting

Size precision investment castings, general of CT4-6 (sand casting is CT10 ~ 13, die-casting is CT5 ~ 7), of course, due to the complexity of investment casting process, factors influencing the dimension accuracy of castings is more, such as mold material shrinkage and deformation of casting, shell in the process of heating and cooling line quantity change, alloy of shrinkage and deformation of castings in the solidification process, so the average size although higher precision investment castings, but still need to improve the consistency (in medium and high temperature of the wax casting size consistency to improve a lot).

Suppress moudle, will use the cavity surface finish high pressure type, as a result, the casting surface finish. In addition, the shell consists of high temperature resistant special mixture of the binder and refractory refractory coating coated on the casting and made, direct contact with molten metal inside the cavity of high surface finish. So, the surface finish of investment castings is higher than the general casting, general can reach Ra. 1.6 ~ 3.2 microns.