aluminum parts CNC machining

Product Details


Specification: Customize high precision machining CNC part


Steel, ductile iron, copper, aluminum


CNC lathe, CNC milling machine, CNC high-speed engraving machine

Machine's rotating speed

5, 000rpm - 30, 000rpm

Machining precision tolerance

0.005 - 0.01mm

Roughness value

Ra 0.8

Minimum cutting tool



anodizing, plating, painting, silk screen etc


100, or per your demand


UG, Pro-E, Solid work, CAD

Quality control

SGS, ISO, Rohs 100% inspection






1. Customers provide 2D drawings, 3D drawings or samples.

2. Discuss product features, shapes, materials and other requirements between the customer and our engineers.

3. According to the information, choose plastic and mold materials, mold manufacturing process and quotation.

4. If the quotation is confirmed and confirmed, we will modify the 3D drawings of the product and mold, and analyze the injection mold process.

5. We will send a 3D drawing to the customer for final confirmation.

6. If there are any problems, please modify the drawing and confirm again.

7. The drawing check is ok. We will process the hand-made samples if needed.

8. After the sample is completed, we will process the product confirmation and functional test.

9. Sample inspection is no problem, we will process the preparation materials and mold manufacturing process.

10. If samples are not needed, we will process the preparation materials and mold manufacturing.

11. Mold making, planer/forming machine, milling, grinding, drilling, CNC milling, text, EDM, lathe, polishing, heat treatment, Cr. Coating, texture, mold assembly.

12. After the mold is finished, we will carry out the injection molding test.

13. If the injection is not good, we will modify the problem.

14. After the revision, we will test again.

15. The test is ok. The customer confirms the final sample. We will pass mass production.

16. After mass production, we will handle product assembly and packaging.

17. Shipment.


We employ a qualified third-party testing organization to serve us, the test report issued by a trusted, can finally shipped. If the goods to the client side of a bad situation arises, by a third party testing organization to undertake corresponding loss.