cast stainless steel

cast stainless steel
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Stainless steel casting belongs to investment casting precision casting or precision casting. It is a casting process with less cutting or no cutting. It is an excellent process technology in the foundry industry and its application is very extensive. It is not only suitable for the casting of various types and various alloys, but also produces castings with higher dimensional accuracy and surface quality than other casting methods, and even castings that are difficult to cast by other casting methods, which are difficult to mold, are not easy to process. Can be cast by investment casting.


Commonly used in industrial valves, alternative energy, automotive and truck parts, bridge parts, cable parts, construction equipment, seismic reinforcement, marine safety equipment, oil and gas castings, onshore and marine parts, trucks, tools and parts, etc.

Our main products

  1. Auto parts casting

  2. Excavator casting parts

  3. Mining machinery casting parts

  4. Railway & train casting parts

  5. Agricultural machinery casting parts

  6. Forklift casting parts

  7. Marine casting parts

  8. Machining parts

  9. Power line fitting

  10. Insulator fitting

  11. Roller shutter door parts

  12. Trailer parts