Bronze Extruded Aluminum Casting

Bronze Extruded Aluminum Casting
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Although it may seem complicated, the concept  behind t-slot aluminum is very simple.The end of each piece of aluminum is shaped like a "T". What this does is allow you to combine other pieces of aluminum without any welding. T-slot aluminum is modular - i.e. it's easily changecable. You can move and connect the aluminum profiles however you'd like, with added accessories like angle connectors. Ultimately, you can create anything from workstations, to conveyors, to tradeshow booths, to furniture.

We follow very strict quality control system to make sure our products are all qualified with customer's requirements. In case the products you receive are not in a good situation, please contact us at the first time when you receive the goods and send us the clear pictures. We will learn the reason carefully about the problems and try our best to make up your loss.

1) General aluminum profiles

2) Industrial aluminum profiles

3) Construction aluminum profiles sink