Aluminum Castings Production And Pouring Process

Are you aware of the production of aluminum castings and the pouring process?

Are you aware of the production of aluminum castings and the pouring process? Then we have to analyze it.

In the production process, the main characteristics of its oxidation slag is effectively distributed in the casting on the surface, aluminum casting in the mold is not ventilated corner parts, the fracture mostly gray or yellow, through its x-ray or mechanical Processing can be found when.

Aluminum castings There are many reasons for the occurrence of its oxidation slag, probably because of its charge is not clean, back to the use of too much material, the product in the casting process of its poor design, product alloy liquid slag is not clean, or Casting process improper operation, into the slag.

Aluminum castings In order to prevent such a situation before the occurrence of its charge should be carried out before the use of sand, the use of the appropriate reduction in charge, effectively improve the design of its pouring system, effectively improve its slag capacity, the use of appropriate flux to slag.

Aluminum castings In the process of pouring should be smooth and should pay attention to slag, after refining the alloying liquid should be placed for a certain period of time, casting holes and the main features of the bubble, three castings wall pores are generally round or oval, smooth s surface.

Aluminum castings Usually the shiny oxide, and sometimes there will be oil yellow, the surface of the pores, the bubbles can be found by sandblasting, the internal air bubbles can be X-ray fluoroscopy or mechanical processing found that air bubbles in the X-ray film was black The.

Aluminum castings The reason for the above may be due to the improper casting of the alloy, resulting in its involvement in the gas, casting aluminum alloy density than cast iron and cast steel, its strength is relatively high, so accept the same load conditions, the choice of aluminum castings to reduce The weight of the layout.