Cast Copper Pieces Use And Widely Used

Cast copper pieces The use of copper and the role of widely used you know? Cast silver pieces should pay attention to what the problem?

Cast copper pieces For the application of cast copper performance, from the quality of copper products can be seen on the full application of its products for some of the product quality is to promote the role, in a strong strength to prove the front, Quality has always been the industry to take advantage of the advantages of its application from the ability to analyze its use in all aspects can reflect the superiority of the product, but also to expand its marketing, but also do a more practical Improve, speed up the product in the market promotion efforts. As the pieces of copper pieces of the sex.

Cast copper pieces Copper plating should pay attention to the problem

1, Cast copper pieces the metal structure of copper alloy rolling than the rolling of the copper to be loose, the appearance of rough and porous;

2, Cast copper pieces the surface of copper parts are often part of the sand, paraffin and silicate substances, if the cleaning is not clean, often caused by local plating on the phenomenon;

3, Cast copper pieces the surface cleaning of copper parts and strengthen the appropriate process steps to solve the copper plate quality of the key to silver.

General copper can be used in the following process: alkaline chemical degreasing → hot water wash → wash water → dip 25% of hydrofluoric acid → washed with water → mixed with acid corrosion → wash.