CNC Machining CNC Programming

Nc machining programming method is manual (manual) programming and automatic programming. The entire content of the manual programming, the program was stipulated by the numerical control system by artificial written instruction format. Automatic programming is computer programming, can be divided into language and painting based automatic programming method. But, no matter be what kind of automatic programming method is used, need to have the corresponding hardware and software.

It is clear that implement nc machining programming is the key. But light has programming is not enough, also includes the nc machining programming must do a series of preparation before and after the programming of clean-up work. In general nc machining process mainly includes the content is as follows:

(1) select and determine to nc machining of parts and content;

2 nc machining process analysis was carried out on the drawings;

(3) the nc machining process design;

(4) mathematical processing of parts drawings;

5] write processing program list;

[6] according to the application of single production control medium;

Once the program check and modification;

Being the first to try processing with the problem;

'levies finalize the design of nc machining process documents and archiving.