Cnc Machining Technology Analysis

By technology of nc machining processing components problems involve is very wide, puts forward some must be combined with the possibility of programming and convenience below analysis and review of the main content.

1, dimensioning shall comply with the characteristics of nc machining

In the numerical control programming, all the size and position of point, line and plane is programming the origin as a benchmark. So best directly coordinates are given in detail drawing size, or as far as possible to the same benchmark note size.

2, the conditions of geometric elements, shall be complete and accurate

In programming, the programmer must fully grasping the geometric elements of composition parts contour parameters and the relationship between geometric elements. Because at the time of automatic programming to outline all of the metal parts geometry elements are defined, the manual programming to calculate the coordinates of each node, no matter what is not clear or uncertain, programming can be performed. But due to component design personnel in the design process to be thoughtless or ignored, often appear parameter is not complete or not clear, such as arc and straight line, arc and arc tangent intersection or phase is near. So when the review and analysis of drawings, must carefully, found the problem timely contact with designers.

3, positioning base and reliable

In nc machining, the machining operations tend to be concentrated, with the same reference positioning is very important. So often you need to set up some auxiliary datum, or add some process convex platform on the blank.

4, unified geometric type or size

Parts of had better use the unified geometric shape, inner chamber type or size, so that we can decrease The Times of change knife will also control application program or special program to shorten the length of the program. The shape of the parts as symmetrical as possible, convenient to use the mirror to the processing function of nc machine tools to programming, to save time.