Cnc Machining The Clamping Parts

One, the basic principles of positioning installation

On the nc machine tool machining parts, the basic principles of positioning installation is reasonable choice locating datum and clamping scheme. When the choice should be paid attention to the following:

1, as to integrate design, process and programming calculation of benchmark.

2, try to reduce the number of the clamping, as far as possible after a positioning clamping, machining out, all surface.

3, avoid using artificial adjustment type of machine processing solution, to give full play to the efficiency of nc machine tools.

Second, the basic principles of choice fixture

The characteristics of the nc machining of fixture is put forward two basic requirements: a coordinate direction is to ensure that the fixture and machine tool coordinate direction relatively fixed; The second is to coordinate the relationship between parts and the size of the machine tool coordinate system. In addition, consider the following:

1, when parts processing small batch, should be combined clamp, adjustable clamp and other general, to shorten production preparation time, save production costs.

2, to consider when batch production using special fixture, and simple structure.

3, parts of loading and unloading to fast, convenient and reliable, so as to shorten the pause time of machine tool.

(4), clamp parts shall not impede the processing of machine tools of various surfaces of the parts, the fixture to open, its positioning, clamping mechanism components cannot influence the feed processing (e.g., a collision occurs, etc.).