Cnc Machining The Program Format

Conventional machining process by the start operator (single period), the program name (a single segment), program main body and the end of the instruction (general single period). The end of the program and end of a program. Program began to operators and end is the same character: in ISO code is %, the EIA is ER in the code. End of the program instructions available M02 (program) or ((end of the paper tape). Nc machine tools are generally use stored program is running, as M02 with (have in common is: after completed all other instructions in the procedures section, to stop the spindle, cooling fluid and feed, and to reset the control system. M02 with (when used on some machine (system) is completely equivalent, and used on another machine (system) has the following different: use M02 end application occasions, run automatically stop after the cursor at the end of the program; With M3O end application occasions, run automatically after the cursor and can automatically return to the screen display program beginning, one click a button you can run the program again. Although M02 with (allow with other program words share a paragraph, but it is better to be single, or only share a program with serial number.

The program name in the program subjects before and after the start operator, it is generally an exclusive line. Program name has two forms: one kind is the rules of the English word (multi-purpose O) of heading, followed by a number of digits behind. Digital allows digits by manual regulation, most common is two and four. This form of the program name can also be called a program. Is another kind of form, the program name by English words, Numbers, or English, digital mixing, can also add "-" in the middle. This form allows the user named process more flexible, for example on LC30 type CNC lathe processing parts drawing no. 215 of the flange of the third process procedures, can be named LC30 - FIANGE - 215-3, this gives a lot of convenient use, storage and retrieval, etc. The program name in which form is determined by the numerical control system.