Cnc Machining What Are The Characteristics Of


The numerical control machine tool processing, without artificial control tool, a high degree of automation. Benefits are obvious.

(1) the requirements of operating workers to reduce:

A senior worker of ordinary machine tool, not a short period of time can be cultivated, and a don't need programming nc workers training a very short time (such as numerical control lathe work need to a week, will write simple processing program). And CNC work on CNC machine the parts processing than ordinary on the traditional machine tool processing precision of parts is higher, to save time. 2 reduces the labor intensity of workers, in the machining process, nc workers excluded from processing most of the time, and effort very much.

(3) the product quality is stable, numerical control machine tool processing automation, ordinary workers in machine tool from fatigue, carelessness, estimates, such as human error, improve the consistency of the product.

(4) high efficiency processing: CNC machine tools machining process of automatic tool change etc is compact, improve the labor productivity.

Flexibility is high

Traditional general machine tools, although good flexible, but low efficiency; And traditional plane, while the efficiency is very high, but the parts of the poor adaptability, large rigidity, flexible, it is difficult to adapt to the fierce competition under the market economy brings frequent modification of products. Just change the program and processing new parts in the nc machine tools, and automation, flexibility, high efficiency, so the numerical control machine tool can well adapt to market competition.

Strong ability

Machine tool can accurate processing of outline, and some outline on the ordinary machine tool will not be able to process. Numerical control machine is especially suitable for the following situations:

1, forbid to scrap parts.

2, the new product development.

3, be badly in need of pieces of processing.