Domestic Precision Casting Industry And Mold Market Development

  Domestic precision casting industry and mold market development

  According to the relevant media reports, in recent years, with the domestic precision casting industry and the development of the mold market, improve with the machine tool industry is closely related to this market, the development and production of vertical and gantry machining centers, CNC lathes The earth to improve the accuracy and depth of the industry, the quality and quantity to complete the industry between the coherence and cooperation.

  With the sustained growth of China's economy, the machine tool industry will maintain high growth and lead the development of casting mold manufacturing industry, precision casting mold market is very active, because China's mold production costs are low, with the mold manufacturing technology improvement and quality improvement. Not only can reduce the import of molds, and it is possible to gradually open the foreign market, mold export exports will have great development.

  In recent years, China's mold industry to an average of more than 15% of the rapid growth rate, far higher than the national GDP average value. Among them, the precision casting molds accounted for about 5% of the total output value of the mold, the annual growth rate of up to 25%. International Mold Association Secretary-General Luo Baihui pointed out that the current coincides with China's auto, motorcycle industry into the rapid growth period, the output for many years a substantial increase. Especially with the precision casting industry is closely related to the rapid growth of cars, increasing the demand for complex, precision casting mold. As an important support for the precision casting industry - casting mold industry prospects. It is expected that the domestic automobile industry will continue to be the main driving force of casting mold industry in the next few years.

  "Eleventh Five-Year period, China's precision casting mold industry has gradually integrated into the world trade integration, mold a substantial degree of commercialization." Experts said, "during the second five, should continue to promote industry management, the establishment of fair and reasonable casting Mold price system to further standardize the mold market. "To improve the casting mold design and manufacturing level, including: 1. The development of high-speed processing technology to improve the surface treatment technology to improve the standardization of casting molds and expand the use of standard parts; And tooling design integration level; 3. To improve the large, sophisticated, complex, long life mold design and manufacturing level.

  In 2011, the total output value of China's machinery industry increased by 25% compared with that in 2010, and the profit increased by 21% over the previous year. However, the above growth rate dropped by 8% and 30% respectively over 2010. Since the beginning of 2011, China's machinery industry growth rate has dropped significantly, indicating that China's rapid economic growth period has gradually over, the industry must adapt to the market demand from the heavy "quantity" to the "quality" of the changing trend. However, Andrew Precision Co., Ltd. believes that as long as the whole industry to speed up the transformation and upgrading, the prospects will remain bright, is expected this year, China's mold industry sales can still achieve steady growth.

  The huge import and export deficit shows that the demand for mold products in China is still present and will continue to grow rapidly. If China's precision casting industry can transform excess low-end production capacity into "high-end" capacity to meet demand, especially in functional components And CNC systems and other basic product areas focus on efforts to shorten the gap, then the competitiveness of China's precision casting industry will be significantly improved.