Precision Casting Industry Development And Forecast

First, precision casting

Precision casting is the use of sophisticated modeling methods to obtain accurate casting process in general. The precision casting is a metal molded article obtained by means of a precision casting method by injecting a smelted liquid metal into a preformed mold by casting, spraying, inhalation or other casting methods, after cooling, etc. With a certain shape, size and performance of the object.

Precision casting include: investment casting, ceramic casting, metal casting, pressure casting, lost mold casting. Which is more commonly used is the investment casting, also known as lost wax casting: the use of suitable melt-casting materials (such as paraffin) to build the mold; in the mold on the repeated wear refractory coating and spray fire sand process, hardening shell and dry; And then the internal melting of the melting solution to obtain the cavity; roasted shell to get enough strength, and burn the residual melting material; casting the required metal materials; solidification cooling, shelling after the sand, so as to get high Precision finished product. According to product needs or heat treatment and cold processing and surface treatment. Related reports: Zhilian Consulting released "2016-2022 China Precision Casting Market Analysis and Forecast of the trend of the report" shows: In recent years, China's precision casting industry, the project continues to increase, increasing production capacity, 2015, China's precision casting production exceeded 2.2 million tons. Production of Precision Castings in China in 2015

In recent years, China's precision casting industry downstream areas continue to expand demand for precision casting parts of the growing demand for 2015, China's precision casting industry market size of more than 110 billion yuan. China 's precision casting industry in 2015 market size of China' s precision casting industry, some key enterprises

Second, China's precision casting development prospects

At present, China has formed a number of technical and management gradually on the international business track, familiar with the international market of precision casting industry, they led the rapid development of the industry. In 2012, China's total output value / thousand dollars China accounted for 28.4% of global production China's huge market to the development of precision casting industry provides a broad space.

1, the domestic market continues to increase China's rapid economic development makes the domestic casting market is growing, such as the rapid development of the automobile industry to promote the automotive casting products with the rapid growth of the brand, the construction of the construction industry makes the construction hardware demand Surge, investment enterprises in China directly from the region procurement of parts, the original international market orders into the domestic market orders.

2, the export growth year after 20 years of efforts, some enterprises have been able to mass production of certain precision requirements of the machine parts and high-quality aviation casting, in technology and cost-effective has the ability to challenge commercial parts, exports increased year by year. With the deepening of global economic integration and global procurement, exports will continue to grow at a high speed. According to the customs import and export data listed as the casting of commodity statistics, in 2012 China's various types of castings export volume of 1.978 million tons, compared with 2011 China's various types of casting exports 2.06 million tons decreased slightly; 2012 China Casting Export Total The amount of 2.97 billion US dollars, compared with 2011, China's total export volume of 2.81 billion US dollars a slight increase.

3, castings instead of sand castings, forgings market is one of the advantages of extensive precision casting is able to produce all kinds of alloys and very complex, thin-walled castings, casting high dimensional accuracy, low surface roughness, and can achieve less or no cutting Processing, which is sand casting and forgings can not match. As the requirements for parts increase, there will be more and more sand castings or forgings are replaced by casting. With the continuous improvement of China's precision casting industry chain industry, the continuous improvement of technical level, the downstream demand for precision casting parts of the growing demand, we can see that the next few years, China's precision casting production will continue to show steady growth. It is expected that by 2021, China's precision casting production will be close to 4.6 million tons. 2016 - 2021 years in the semi-precision casting production forecast China's rapid economic development makes the domestic casting market is growing, such as the rapid development of the automobile industry to promote the production of automotive cast products and the rapid increase in brand, the construction of housing construction makes the construction Hardware demand surge, investment enterprises in China directly from the region procurement of parts, the original international market orders into the domestic market orders. Demand for precision castings in the downstream demand sector is only increasing. It can be seen that the next few years, China's precision casting industry market size will continue to show a steady growth. It is expected that by 2021, China's precision casting industry market size is expected to close to 285 billion yuan. Forecast of Market Scale of China 's Precision Casting Industry in 2016-2021

Third, the investment casting industry must adhere to the road of sustainable development

Europe and the United States and other advanced countries due to the high cost of casting and environmental requirements, has been polluting large sand casting gradually transferred to the developing countries, although there is no sand casting industry environmental pollution, but there are a lot of waste water Emissions, therefore, China's precision casting industry must be in environmental protection, product structure, management and other aspects of a lot of effort, adhere to the road of sustainable development.

1, vigorously promote the automation of process equipment, intelligent and environmental protection, and promote environmental protection process At present, China's casting process equipment manufacturing level there is a considerable gap, including mold, shell, smelting, finishing and other after The automation of the process equipment, the level of intelligence and the international level of the gap is obvious, including plant facilities, including, from design to production process of environmental protection means also difficult to eliminate the source of hazards. This is prevalent in many different types of enterprises. Mainly including a large number of dust, toxic and harmful gases and waste, waste emissions. In this regard, the state and the industry has some standards, the most positive way there are two: First, in the whole industry to establish a unified raw and auxiliary materials, equipment, facilities, environmental norms, as the casting enterprises to enter and industrial restructuring Mandatory industry regulations, and extended to the industrial chain to go. Second, the Government introduced mandatory technical regulations and encourage policies to guide enterprises to take positive action to increase investment in environmental protection and renovation. For those who have not passed the environmental management system certification of the deadline for rectification, to obtain certification, the certification of enterprises to give appropriate fiscal policy support.

2, to improve the product structure, improve product quality is the common responsibility of China's casting enterprises China's casting industry after entering the WTO must comprehensively enhance the quality of castings, improve product mix, increase the type of alloy. First, through the introduction and development of alloy pure purification equipment, technology, improve the quality of metallurgy; Second, through the application of solidification simulation software and other attention to casting process design, improve the yield; Third, strict manufacturing process control, in the molding, shelling materials and Processing equipment to increase investment, and is committed to the effective operation of the quality system; Fourth, through the establishment and enrichment of casting correction, modification equipment and easy to damage the casting of the cleaning equipment to enhance the post-processing process, making the casting more sophisticated and beautiful; Testing equipment, improve quality assurance capabilities.

3, casting products to achieve the "three", and strive to "fine, excellent, light, heavy, green," the direction of the development of "three": that is lean - to consume the least resources to create value-added products, The product made of works of art; serialization - according to the market layout, "do something, do something", the existing products to do a series of points, the development of new products to systematically demonstrate the broad spectrum and corporate strategy development Direction; modular - the existing products to the horizontal extension to meet the needs and values of users to achieve product-oriented to process-oriented transformation, and further enhance the market competitiveness of products. "Light" is the weight of the structure and material; "heavy" is an important part; "green" that is clean production, green casting. This is the casting enterprises to enhance the core competitiveness of the important indicators.

4, the introduction of computer information management, improve the level of enterprise management At present, some enterprises in addition to technical problems, often lead to delays in delivery, inventory backlog, material consumption out of control, low efficiency and other aspects of the introduction of computer management and lean thinking Help enterprises to better play people, financial, material efficiency, thereby improving the quality of castings, reduce costs, the maximum meet customer requirements, and to adapt to changes in market demand. Deepen the application of computer in casting production, including ERP, CRM, CAD, PDM, CAE, and so on, and gradually realize the simulation design, manufacturing and online transactions and remote development. China 's casting enterprises should speed up the pace of information technology.

5, efforts to open up the international market due to the shortage of labor resources and environmental changes, the developed countries are also casting to the developing countries, China's accession to the WTO after the export situation is more favorable. From the current situation, foreign-funded enterprises in foreign orders much more than domestic orders, and direct orders, indicating that many domestic enterprises are also very unfamiliar to the international market, the lack of talent on the development of foreign markets, lack of investment, do not understand the international market Rules, there is no substantive breakthrough at the beginning, nor bigger. Therefore, in the development of the international market to achieve the "three necessary": First, it is necessary to make good use of the international media to promote themselves and understand others; Second, it is necessary to go abroad to participate in the exhibition, the development of more direct customers; , It is necessary to establish the "lean, honest" concept and the development and expansion of business with customers. In the development of the international market, China's casting industry first to strengthen unity, exchange of information, standardize the behavior; the second is to select the enterprise product positioning and development orientation, do not blindly follow the trend. Industry associations should play an active role, to guide the entire casting industry chain in an orderly direction, from the overall upgrade the level of China's precision casting industry to achieve sustainable development.