There Are Many Factors That Affect The Price Of Aluminum Castings

  There are many factors that affect the price of aluminum castings. Lists some of the key factors, hope that this information can help aluminum casting customers have a deeper understanding of aluminum casting.

  The cost of pure aluminum.

  Most of the aluminum castings are made of aluminum alloy, and the main element of the alloy is aluminum. So the price of pure aluminum will directly affect the cost of aluminum castings.

  The cost of other alloys

  Aluminum alloy, such as zinc, silicon, chromium, nickel, copper and other chemical elements, the price of these alloys will be higher than the price of pure aluminum, the price and content of how much will affect the aluminum The cost of casting.

  Casting mold

  There are many kinds of aluminum casting casting mold, aluminum alloy sand casting are: hands from the mold, die mode, the mold and the top box mold, the lowest efficiency from the mold, suitable for small batch production, the highest labor costs; Efficiency is relatively high; leakage mold and the top box mold the highest efficiency, labor costs are relatively low. Aluminum alloy steel casting is made of hot die steel mold. High efficiency, lower labor costs, but the high cost of molds.

  Number of sand cores

  The cost of using sand core aluminum castings will be higher than that of aluminum castings without sand cores. Because the sand core needs to be made separately, the cost is increased. The higher the sand casting, the higher the casting cost.

  The weight of aluminum castings

  Small aluminum castings (weight less than 0.6 kg) The price of its kilograms is relatively higher than that of large castings, and the production efficiency of small castings is low, thus increasing the labor cost.